What is Sade Sati and why do people dread it?

Sade Sati literally means seven and a half years – this cycle is caused by the transiting Saturn (Shani) after every 30 years when it affects the major houses in a person’s life and with it can cause misfortune, disappointment, disharmony, depression and undesirable events in general.

Contrary to the above-held belief that the Astrologer has to investigate the Natal Chart of the individual to assess how this transit will affect the welfare of the native – it is not all doom and gloom, although it does herald a period of a certain amount of frustration, restriction and general disappointment. This is definitely not the right time for the person to launch themselves into any new ventures or any matter of an auspicious nature, because Saturn is bound to tone down the results.


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What is Sade Sati and why do people dread it?

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