Sneh Joshi's Astrology Corner offers a full range of Astrological services. You can have your Astrological Reading with Sneh in person at Astrology Corner, by telephone or via skype. Many of Sneh's clients live abroad and the readings are conducted via skype or mobile (whatsapp call).

For a telephone reading, please call Sneh on 020 8518 5500 at the scheduled time. For a reading via Skype please contact Sneh on sneh.joshi1

You can call Sneh on 020 8518 5500 to book a reading now or book online below.

Vedic Astrology interprets your future as moulded by your previous Karma and is indicated by the planetary positions at the time of your birth. It involves the analysis of up to 16 charts. For an accurate Natal Chart to be created, Sneh will require your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of  birth. In the event, that you do not have your exact birth time a rectification of your Natal Chart can be done but this involves a lot of research into your background and history - it is a two way process where past significant events are fitted into appropriate Dashas (periods) before the correct details can be confirmed. During your reading we will discuss domestic life, health, personal and professional relationships, family, finance, career and wealth. Price: £60

Compatibility Charts look into the weaknesses and strengths of each partner and assess whether they can pull together in life and make the relationship work. One should never enter into a relationship assuming that one can change the basic instinct and in-built behavioural pattern of one's partner - on the contrary one has to compromise to accommodate the other's shortcomings in certain spheres; hence the importance of comparing the charts to see whether partners will be able to compromise and modify their attitude, when faced with the problems of life. Another thing to point out is that marriages are made in heaven. Karmic law is such that it will bring together the couple so that they may work out their karmic debts together in this life-time, but this does not mean that they have to face extra hurdles and obstacles, which can be overcome by the use of the correct guidance and other remedial measures it also does not mean that all marriages last. Price: £75

Horary or Prashna answers people's pressing questions which can be anything from "Will I marry this year?" to "Is this the right time to invest in a new business?" and numerous other topics. A Horary Chart symbolises the birth of a question. This form of Astrology does not require your birth details. Hence I recommend Horary for everyday pressing questions and more so for people who do not have their exact birth details. This form of astrology is very helpful for questions that require immediate answers. Price: £25

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