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​​I started taking an interest in astrology at a very young age, mainly because of my Indian heritage - astrology as you know is a way of life for us! Initially my interest took me to study Western Astrology but it was only a matter of time before I took the inevitable step to explore the mysteries of Vedic Astrology.

Both branches of astrology have a lot in common but there are some fundamental differences between the two. I found that Vedic Astrology is very predictive and also forms the very basis of our everyday lives, whereas Western Astrology stops at character analysis and psychological profiles - this is also of great importance as we live in the western world and hence I base my overall predictions on both branches of astrology.

I have been specialising in this science for more than 35 years now, of which the last 30 years have been spent practising as an Astrologer. I have written for Eastern Eye, Asian Woman and have appeared on several local radio stations as well as BBC Glasgow/Cardiff/Oxford and Spectrum.

I have a varied clientele from all over the world and have been amazed at the fact that they have very little knowledge of how, when and what this science is capable of doing for them.

Hence, the writing of my book "Insight into Vedic Astrology" which I co-wrote with my husband. Vedic Astrology has been shrouded in mysticism and occultism for too long and my aim is to increase the awareness of the subject in the general public.

I appeared on Zee TV where I discussed weekly Sun signs, made new year predictions and discussed various aspects of astrology for the benefit of the viewers - the shows were very well received because I analysed the birth charts of well known public figures. Apart from that I also made the shows worth watching by discussing compatibility and romance - all based on Vedic Astrology.

I appeared on Asianet with my own weekly show as their resident astrologer. I discussed the birth charts of well known Bollywood stars in an extended programme and it had a tremendous response.

From time to time I also talk about other astrological happenings like the Lunar and Solar eclipses and their effect on our lives. In addition, every year I also make New Year predictions which I talk about on my blog and various other social media outlets.

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