What is Astrology and how did it all begin?

Our life is busy and full of stresses and strains. In spite of that, we should still respond to our innermost spiritual feelings and desires. We are always looking for answers to our problems and to find out what our real purpose in life is.

Astrology offers us an insight into the workings of life within the cosmos and at the same time it helps us to open the window to our spirituality, thus revealing our true purpose in this incarnation. Therefore, it is important that we try to balance materialism with spiritualism if we are going to achieve true happiness in our lives.

The word Astrology means “the language of the stars”. In Sanskrit it is called Jyotish, or the Science of light. It throws light on the dark recesses of the future, and attempts to foretell the future of humans and the fate of nations.


The principal objective of Astrologers of all ages has not been the study of “stars” as such, but the influences exerted by them on humans and their destiny.

From times immemorial, humans have been aware of the influences exerted by the planets on the various forms of life here on Earth. When man moved on from being a hunter gatherer to being a crop grower, he had to be in harmony with nature and the ever-changing seasons brought about by the movements of the planets above him. The ancient man started observing the skies and soon realised that certain events on Earth coincided like clockwork with particular planetary movements. This realisation led to the belief “as above so below” and Astrology as we know it today was born.

The Egyptians took this to the extreme when they built their pyramids at Giza to represent a star map of the heavens above the desert. There are numerous other monuments to be found all around the world built by ancient man specifically to reflect the skies and the movements of various planets.


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