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Sneh Joshi's Horoscopes (Sun Signs) Week beg. 21st November 2016

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March 21 - April 20

It's a good time for getting on with your work colleagues, as Venus embraces your 10th house. Bear in mind that Mars is transiting your eleventh house of friends and associates as well. The next few weeks would serve you well if you spend more time listening than speaking.


April 21 - May 21

If you are taking a holiday, so much the better ! Not only do you have Venus putting a favourable emphasis on travel but also you can be sure of deriving the utmost pleasure from adventures, excursions and romance. There are influences around you now that will give you great confidence.


May 22 - June 21

Long-term partnerships are reinvigorated by Venus transiting your solar 8th house. Whether you’re single or attached you’ll have a busy time ahead of you. You may find that you can enrich your lifestyle considerably by simplifying certain areas and re-organising your priorities.


June 22 - July 22

Venus, the planet of love and romance throws a pleasing light on affairs of the heart. It is certainly going to be a fortunate time for those already married or in an established relationship. The keynote is emotional enrichment through close interaction with a loved one.


July 23 - August 23

Venus's transit in your solar 6th house, you will find it easy to do well at work and rise to great heights. During this transit you will enjoy robust health and find physical activities very enjoyable. Plan your spending and set sensible budgets to reach your financial goals.


August 24 - September 23

The prevailing pattern of planets gives you a marvellous opportunity. Take time out to strengthen close ties of affection, sort out emotional differences and proffer the olive branch to anyone who may have caused you pain in recent months. Venus throws an easy light on affairs of the heart - prime time for engagements and weddings.


September 24 - October 23

Although there are very intense amorous energies indicated in your chart, the trouble is that these are likely to be marred by feelings of jealousy. Do not therefore dabble in anything that could harbour such negative potential, as it is bound to end in heartache. Venus in your Solar chart throws a very positive light on property interests and home affairs.


October 24 - November 22

Your horizons have most certainly been expanding. Jupiter in the area of your chart ruling far off lands and philosophical thoughts will make your mind run wild. With Venus transiting your networking sector for some time, there will be many romantic opportunities. Your financial affairs are looking up.


November 23 - December 21

Financial and business affairs are unlikely to give rise to any major problems this week. The gentle influence of Venus ensures that most things run smoothly and that your cash-flow remains viable. Domestic and career interests are likely to come into conflict - try to aim at a more balanced pattern of life and remember that work is not always the only virtue.


December 22 - January 20

Venus, the goddess of love, is transiting your sign. This is a time when you naturally show your softer side. Romantic matters, as well as pleasure-seeking activities, come to the fore now. You are more likely to pay closer attention to your physical appearance and aim to improve and enhance your attractiveness. At home, be diplomatic or there will be misunderstandings.


January 21 - February 19

With Mercury and Venus riding high in your chart, you should enjoy a very popular phase in your life where everyone wants to invite you to parties. This will give you a chance to meet people of your own calibre and pursue any romantic liaisons that might present themselves.


February 20 - March 20

You may find yourself hard at work behind the scenes, although that may not be apparent to others. You may find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of activity, with opportunities to advance on both the inner and outer level. There is likely to be a powerful incentive to do what remains to be done and tie up loose ends.

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