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Mantra for Saturn - The Karmic Taskmaster

Updated: Oct 3, 2021


Saturn is a karmic planet and is considered to be a taskmaster. It creates hurdles and obstacles in our lives and generally frustrates us. It's the lord of discipline and control and teaches us lessons to help us understand our boundaries.

Chanting or listening to this tantric mantra helps minimise any bad karma brought forward and helps alleviate feelings of melancholy or depression.

OM - Universal sound of creation

SHANEI - Saturn

NAMAHA - Salutation to the planet Saturn

Amethyst, a stone of spirituality, contentment and meditation stimulates creative thinking, spiritual awareness and intellectual reasoning. It brings inner peace and calm to the wearer. It’s a variety of quartz and is used to combat insomnia.

It represents Saturn and the day Saturday. It's best to hold on to Amethyst or wear it as you meditate and listen to this mantra.

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