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Mangalam - Ravi Shankar & George Harrison - A Mantra for Prosperity & Auspiciousness

In Sanskrit, Mangalam means auspicious and Mangala means Mars. Mangala also relates to Goddess Durga, who represents divine cosmic energy.

Goddess Durga is the Goddess of Power, the colour red and the planet Mars.

You should meditate and chant to this mantra with red healing crystals to channel your energy positively and invite luck and fortune into your life.

The English translation for this mantra is below:

Bhumi-Mangalam, Udaka-Mangalam, Agni-Mangalam, Vayu-Mangalam, Gagana-Mangalam, Surya-Mangalam,

Chandra-Mangalam, Jagat-Mangalam, Jiva-Mangalam, Deha-Mangalam,

Mano-Mangalam, Atma-Mangalam,


May there be peace in earth, water, fire, and air, the sun, moon, and planet, in all living beings, in body, mind and heart. May that peace be everywhere and in everyone.

Red Jade is a stone of luck, dreams and fidelity. It helps the user fulfil their dreams and manifest their desires. It’s a stone of confidence, ambition and self-reliance. Healing Properties - Confidence, Concentration, Communication, Luck, Love, Success, Positivity, Protection, Health, Anxiety / Stress, Wealth Read our article Jade - The Stone of Manifestation, Luck and Love

Red Tiger’s Eye stimulates peace, clarity of mind and intuition. It’s thought to alleviate feelings of depression, increase positivity, perceptiveness and awareness. The colour range includes red, brown, gold, cream, black and blue.

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Red Coral, a stone of diplomacy stimulates intuition, imagination and communication. It quiets emotions and brings peace to the user. It comes from the sea and can be red, white, black, pink and blue in colour. Historically, its energy was thought to help strengthen the circulatory system, bones of the body and stimulate tissue regeneration. Healing PropertiesConfidence, Concentration, Luck, Love, Success, Positivity, Creativity, Inner Peace, Anxiety / Stress, Protection, Health Read our article Coral - The Stone of Diplomacy, Peace and Protection

Jasper, the supreme nurturer, protects against negativity and promotes joy.

Jasper is a form of opaque, often patterned chalcedony. It can be dark red, orange, yellow, brown, green, grey and blue.

It's a primary stone for Mars. Mars represents energy, positivity and confidence. This is a good stone for leadership.

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Garnet, the stone of health, commitment and devotion promotes expansiveness and manifestation of desires. It’s a fire stone that increases a person’s creative energy to the point of implementation. Garnet provides protective and calming energy and discourages chaotic disruptive growth. Healing PropertiesAnxiety / Stress, Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Health, Love, Luck, Positivity, Protection, Success, Wealth Read our article Garnet - The Fire Stone of Love, Commitment and Devotion

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