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Sneh Joshi's Horoscopes (Sun Signs) Week beg. 7th February 2022


March 21 - April 20

This week you will be in the right mood if you intend to indulge your pleasure-loving instincts. An increase in your social life is likely to bring you in touch with someone attractive. Group activities and cooperative efforts are the best way to achieve your goals right now. You prefer to lead a group rather than following and the best way is to work as a team and network.


April 21 - May 21

Relationships with authority figures, superiors, and with the public are in focus during this cycle. It's a time when being a team player reaps the most rewards, and you may be mixing business with pleasure now. This may be a time when you are especially enjoying your career or position and making the most of it.


May 22 - June 21

The cosmic energies are decidedly invigorating at the moment. If you are taking a holiday, so much the better. You are strong and bold in your beliefs and convictions as well, and others tend to naturally follow your lead. You actively seek out new learning experiences and adventures without any fear.


June 22 - July 22

You are attracted to the deeper elements of relationships and social interactions now, rather than what you meet on the surface. Mysteries fascinate you and you could be looking for others' motives for doing and saying what they do. On a more practical level, you may be dealing with joint finances and shared resources now more than usual. You should also make sure that your tax affairs are in order.


July 23 - August 23

During this period, personal relationships can suffer as arguments arise due to unresolved issues. Tread carefully as some form of conflict, whether intentional or otherwise can rear its ugly head. On a positive note you are full of energy and ready to compete, so make sure you stay the course and win the battle.


August 24 - September 23

This is a period that finds you tending to your daily routines, and health matters. You seek to perfect your skills and as a result, you can be more critical than usual. This period will make you feel like you can finally settle into a more grounded and steady routine instead of letting your schedule run you.


September 24 - October 23

You should enjoy a very popular phase in your life where everyone wants to invite you to parties. This will give you a chance to meet people of your own calibre and pursue any romantic liaisons that might present themselves. You need to manage this energy carefully as you want to avoid the trouble that these areas can bring. Just remember to remain sensitive to the needs of others.


October 24 - November 22

This week you are especially fond of spending more time at home around the family. You are more receptive and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically. Domestic projects and activities will get a welcome boost during this period.


November 23 - December 21

Personal and social contacts will be successful. Ideas and plans will come easily to you during this period but with such volume be sure to channel your efforts well. More time spent on the phone, writing emails, running errands and communicating. You will also be able to assert yourself more readily but avoid heated discussions and don’t be hasty as it could cost you.


December 22 - January 20

The focus this week is on material affairs and comfort issues. Security is a driving force for you at the moment, and you might find that you are especially interested in accumulating possessions. You may be a little extravagant with money for the time being, as your desire for luxury and comfort items is increased now, and this is something to watch for.


January 21 - February 19

Something about how you present yourself, your image, and your manner boosts your personal magnetism during this week. You're more charming and you are likely to want to attract things through charm and playfulness. You especially enjoy making a good impression on others, and peace-making. You have lots of energy and are more enterprising.


February 20 - March 20

Your mind is focused on private matters. This is a time when you are searching for answers. This is a good time for research, quiet contemplation and meditation. You are likely to require a certain amount of solitude in order to get your thoughts together or to be mentally productive. Some may experience insomnia during this phase - a good time to relax and take up yoga.

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