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Karmically, marriages are destined. However, the weaknesses and strengths of each partner's chart should be assessed to see if they can make their marriage work.


You should never enter into a marriage assuming you can change the basic instinct and in-built behavioural pattern of your partner. On the contrary, you have to compromise to accommodate the other’s weaknesses in certain spheres; hence the importance of comparing charts to see whether you'll be able to compromise and modify your attitude, when faced with the problems. The other most important thing to look for in a chart is sexual compatibility.


Marriage is a great but serious institution and should be entered into after careful consideration has been given to both the natal charts of the intending couple – do not confuse this with arranging the marriage as such, but to investigate the compatibility of the couple who might well have met each other of their own accord. 

Karmic law will bring the couple together so that they may work out their karmic debts together in this life time, but this does not mean that they have to face extra hurdles and obstacles, which can be overcome by the use of Muhurtha and other remedial measures. It also does not mean that their marriage will last.

Instant and physical attraction, however strong at the first time of meeting, does not usually last. The second type of attraction, which is based on mutual understanding and respect has a better chance of lasting because it is built on inner hidden traits.


Moreover, much information can be secured merely from a study of the sign positions of Venus and Mars in the two horoscopes.

Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, sexual pleasure, beauty and fertility rules the relationships and the urge to find harmony with another. It is also the planet of female sexuality and emotions. In a man’s birth chart it indicates the type of woman to whom the man will be sexually attracted. The planet Mars is associated with male desires and sexuality and its position in a woman’s birth chart indicates the type of man to whom she will respond.

Every sign has its opposite, and although the characteristics of each pair appear to be very different, each sign compliments the other with some very fascinating results. Strong magnetic attractions between opposites may however cause tension unless there is some sort of a compromise.

The Arian’s hastiness is complimented by the Libran’s diplomacy; the ardent Arian will also spark the romantic Libran sexually.

The Taurian faithfulness is a relief to the suspicious and jealous Scorpio.

The philosophical Sagittarian will be attracted to the Gemini flirt.

The faithful but moody Cancerian will love the cautious Capricornian.

A passionate, fun-loving Leo will be carried away by the free-spirited Aquarian.

Dreamy Pisceans will come down to Earth with a thud when they meet up with the practical Virgos

These however are not the only factors that an Astrologer looks into. In Vedic Astrology, twelve major compatibility points are considered in addition to the other major bug-bear called “Mangal Dosha” which unfortunately is can be very badly misunderstood and misinterpreted. 

Mangal Dosha is caused by the presence of the first class malefic Mars (Mangal) in certain houses affecting domestic life, marriage, longevity of the partner and financial standing. The Mangal Dosha however is nullified by various other factors in the chart and an astute Astrologer should be able to assess this before pronouncing their judgement, otherwise they will be doing a dis-favour to this wonderful science and to the couple concerned.

It is fate that propels us to love someone. Be that as it may, Astrology offers much to understand more precisely our own inner requirements for a loving and enduring relationship.

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