Our life is busy and full of stresses and strains. In spite of that, we should still respond to our innermost spiritual feelings and desires. We are always looking for answers to our problems and to find out what our real purpose in life is. Astrology offers us an insight into the workings of life within the cosmos and at the same time it helps us to open the window to our spirituality, thus revealing our true purpose in this incarnation. Therefore, it is important that we try to balance materialism with spiritualism if we are going to achieve true happiness in our lives.

The Sun and Moon produce effects which the ancients could not fail to notice. The rains, the tides, the fertility of the soil and the general comfort and well being of people were directly traceable to their influence. Apart from the Sun and Moon there were five other wandering stars or planets which seemed to move in harmony and also exerted their influence.

There are two schools of Astrology in vogue at the moment – one is Western which is based on a moveable zodiac and this is extremely good for character analysis and psychological profiles. The other is Vedic Astrology which is based on a fixed zodiac and is excellent in making accurate predictions.

The distinction between Astrology and other divinations is that Astrology is based on the actual movements of planets, and has a scientific base. Other forms of divination such as Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, Psychic Readings, Mediums, Crystal Ball readings etc should not be described as Astrology.

How do you find a genuine and astute Astrologer?

  • Firstly, you must find out the type of divination the person is using.

  • Choose a person who has been recommended by someone you know.

  • Always go to someone who charges for their services and does not say that their services are free – otherwise you will end up paying far more for their so called remedies.

According to the ancient Indian scriptures knows as the “Vedas” (which are the oldest Indo-Aryan Sanskrit texts) we have to experience reactions or Karma in our present life and the next one, which reflect the good or bad actions we have performed in our past lives. Vedic Astrology is based on universal religion and believes in the transmigration of the soul in its quest for further spiritual growth. God gives us birth to perform specific deeds (Karma) on Earth and at the same time expand the consciousness of the soul through its earthly experience until we have paid our karmic debt and it is no longer necessary for us to reincarnate.

On the taking of each birth, we bring forward our unaccomplished Karmic debt from previous births and are expected to pay or clear those debts within the given parameters of our life time. God gives us birth at the most opportune time to assist us in achieving our earthly goals – i.e. our destiny is already mapped out for us.

Yes, marriages are made in heaven – one should however look into the weaknesses and strengths of each partner and assess whether they can pull together in life and make the marriage work. One should never enter into a marriage assuming that one can change the basic instinct and in-built behavioural pattern of one’s partner. On the contrary, one has to compromise to accommodate the other’s weaknesses in certain spheres; hence the importance of comparing the charts to see whether the partners will be able to compromise and modify their attitude, when faced with the problems of life. The other most important thing to look for in a chart is sexual compatibility.

Sade Sati literally means seven and a half years – this cycle is caused by the transiting Saturn (Shani) after every 30 years when it affects the major houses in a person’s life and with it can cause misfortune, disappointment, disharmony, depression and undesirable events in general.

As Vedic Astrology is so predictive, it would be absurd for the system not to have definitive methods to alleviate Karmic difficulties that appear in one’s birth chart. Vedic astrology is well known for its upayes or antidotes to planetary afflictions and how to neutralise them with gems, as outlined by the ancient and enlightened sages. The rationale behind the use of gemstones is that everything in the universe is sensitive to and influenced by the planets and the colours they represent.

Karma is “the force generated by a person’s actions”. Throughout the operations of the Law of Karma, the manifestation of perfect justice is apparent. We are not punished for our sins, as everyone believes incorrectly, but we are punished by our sins. We are not rewarded for our good acts but we receive our reward through and by characteristics, and qualities acquired by reason of our having performed these good deeds in previous lives. In other words, we are our own judges and executioners. The Vedic horoscope of a person is like a business man’s balance sheet at the beginning of every year. It represents the debtors and creditors accumulated by the soul in its past lives.

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