Sneh Joshi's Horoscopes (Sun Signs) Week beg. 10th April 2017

April 10, 2017

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March 21 - April 20


Saturn turned retrograde on the 6th April. It is a very important planet for Aries since it rules over two very important houses 10th and 11th which deal with job, status, gains, networking etc. You need to reassess these areas of your life and tie up any loose ends. Time to press ahead with your ambitions and goals in life. 




April 21 - May 21


Saturn turned retrograde on the 6th April.  This cycle occurs in your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation. Hold onto your money, work on a budget, and avoid arguments with loved ones that revolve around intimacy and sexuality. Reassess your relationships as Saturn is heading towards your 7th house.  




May 22 - June 21


Although all kinds of opportunities are coming your way, there are many obstacles  between you and the fulfilment of any of these. As you clear your path you will get closer to achieving your dreams.  Relationships and romance are both under scrutiny by the presence of retrograde Saturn in your 7th house.




June 22 - July 22


The next few months bring confusion and misunderstandings at work and troubles with your health as Saturn transits your sixth house. You'll need to pay more attention to detail and double check everything before finalising important matters.  Close relationships will prove to be challenging.  




July 23 - August 23


Saturn  retrograde cycle occurs in your fifth house of romance, pleasure, speculation, and children. Because the cycle directly affects your sector of romance and speculation, you should be careful. An old lover may come back in your life, complicating matters.  As Saturn also rules your partnership and health sectors, both of these things may come up for review now. 




August 24 - September 23


Saturn retrograde cycle occurs  in your fourth house of home and family. Relations with your family may be a little strained. You might want to wait until Saturn is direct before you express your frustrations with family members! Saturn  rules your 5th  and  6th house of children health, work and routine. Try to organise yourself as things can go out of hand.




September 24 - October 23


Saturn retrograde cycle occurs in your third house of communication. People around you may seem insincere. In fact, you may have a hard time getting your ideas across in a warm, genuine manner. This retrograde cycle also affects your home, love and children. Try to deal with these issues by being patient and do not step on anyone's toes.




October 24 - November 22


Retrograde Saturn transit occurs in your solar second house, extra care should be exercised when it comes to new financial initiatives. There may be the need to resolve old, nagging issues regarding personal finances. Take this time to re-budget and re-think how you want to spend your cash during this period.




November 23 - December 21


Saturn, the planet of caution and discipline is retrograde in your solar first house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to your body language. You will be re-assessing your work place as well as people around you. Good time to review your partnerships and relationships. 




December 22 - January 20


Retrograde transit of Saturn occurs in your solar twelfth house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to private and personal matters. Be as non-judgemental as you can, but do keep an eye out for deceptiveness and falseness in others. Good time for yoga and meditation.



January 21 - February 19


Bear in mind that Saturn, the planet of caution and discipline goes retrograde in your eleventh house of friends and associates as well.  Good time to re-assess friendships and it would serve you well if you spend more time listening than speaking. Keep an eye on your investments




February 20 - March 20


Saturn turns retrograde in your solar 10th house, and this is likely to cause some disruptions and frustrations in your professional life. Work on coming to compromises and agreements. All Saturn retrograde cycles also affect you in the areas of home, family, security, and domestic activities because Saturn is opposite your Solar 4th house. 

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