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Sneh Joshi's Horoscopes (Sun Signs) Week beg. 13th April 2020

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March 21 - April 20

Your mind is all-abuzz with planetary energies firing you up preventing you from sleeping properly. Give yourself plenty of physical outlets to drain off some of the excess mental stimulation. The Sun in your sign will make you feel like you can finally settle into a more grounded and steady routine instead of letting your schedule run you.


April 21 - May 21

Saturn continues its journey through the sign Capricorn, lending its support for you to redefine your sense of self, in a way that will give you a greater understanding of yourself. You’re being prodded to live your life in a more fluid way. This may be disconcerting to a fixed sign like yourself, especially as you don't welcome change, but ease up and go with the flow.


May 22 - June 21

At the moment, relationships are experiencing major transformations - those with shaky foundations should be extra careful. Financially, you have everything going for you. This is a good time to put lucrative plans into action and reap the benefits of sound investments. However, be prudent and do not fritter away your good fortune.


June 22 - July 22

It would be a mistake always to blame the other person if your experience and expectations of love turn out to be disappointing. It is said that if you do not learn from past experience you will be condemned to repeat it until you do learn. You now have an excellent opportunity to sort out where things may be going wrong. The hard part is that you will have to be honest with yourself.


July 23 - August 23

There are subtle transformations taking shape in your life and a feeling of helpful influences in the background. There is much to suggest that you are in tune with your inner self and in touch with those hidden forces which often seem to take a guiding hand in one's life. Focus on essentials and establish a solid foundation, so that you feel secure.


August 24 – September 23

Keep your assertive inclination under control as conflict and disagreement could be sparked off. Make a very conscious attempt to stick to main priorities. Organise your time so that it is not taken up entirely by the demands of other people. You will continue to be in a restless mood for some time to come. This makes you impatient and even more determined to cut your own path.


September 24 - October 23

You’re likely to find yourself doing a lot of thinking about both new and existing partnerships, and maybe toing and froing in one relationship in particular. Home and family duties and responsibilities may weigh heavy on you. In effect, you’re building a new foundation, so the work you put in now will pay off in the future.


October 24 - November 22

At home, be at your diplomatic best and try not to tread on anyone's toes. Passions will run from hot to cold, and relationships may suffer. Even the most strong-willed Scorpions will be more open to compromise to keep the peace. Plan your spending and set sensible budgets to reach your financial goals. All things considered your health should be robust.


November 23 - December 21

You’re likely to receive insights into where everything is going and these may shape your life for months to come. There is likely to be a powerful incentive to do what remains to be done and tie up loose ends and think about going in a new direction. You are, after all, the explorer of the zodiac.


December 22 - January 20

You’re likely to find yourself weighing practical considerations with long–term goals. You’re entering a very important period of your life where, by working hard and being focused, you can go a long way towards realising your ideals. Currently your sign is hosting taskmaster planet Saturn, your ruling planet, which is helping you to define who you really are.


January 21 - February 19

There is an element of disruption or stress which may be hard to avoid, but it appears that there is a strong sense of purpose in the background. A certain amount of sheer hard graft will be necessary for a short while, but the final result will be extremely pleasing. An exchange of opinions ought to prove very enlivening at this time.


February 20 - March 20

Either you or your partner have been going through a phase of inner doubts and uncertainties, and perhaps the main source of tension has simply been the need for breathing space in your relationship and a need to look at things more objectively. Wait before going full steam ahead with grand actions and gestures.

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