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Blue Supermoon/Full Moon in the Axis of Pisces and Virgo

Updated: Apr 7

Blue supermoon
Blue supermoon

The full moon falls on Thursday 31 August (known as the blue supermoon), reaching its peak in the UK at 2.35am. It will be most visible overnight from Wednesday 30 August, particularly in the early hours.

A full moon in the axis of Pisces and Virgo could bring attention to the interplay between emotions and practical matters. This lunation could suggest a need to re-evaluate long-standing emotional patterns or structures. This is also a period of reflection, review, and potential misunderstandings or delays in communication.


March 21 - April 20

This lunation highlights your health issues and daily routine. The need for balance between physical and emotional health becomes obvious. This signifies that experience will put you in a deeply reflective mood and get you interested in meditation, yoga and therapies that help you to get in closer touch with your inner self. This is a time for self-reflection, meditation, and letting go of past issues that might be holding you back.


April 21 - May 21

The Full Moon falls in the 11th and 5th axis. Pay special attention to your friendships, social life, possibly even romantic liaisons. You will be busy evaluating your friendships, romances and spending a lot of time with children or reassessing your investments. Taurus individuals could find themselves seeking meaningful connections with like-minded people and participating in group activities. Emotions can be intense around a Full Moon, and it's best to be calm and keep everything manageable.


May 22 - June 21

The Full Moon falls in your solar 10th and 4th houses, focusing on your work and home issues. You could experience recognition or shifts in your professional life, as well as a heightened sense of purpose and public reputation. It can be a time of commitments to your long-term goals, career and home related. You need to strike the right balance between the two, if you want peace and harmony. Work smartly in order to spend quality time at home.


June 22 - July 22

The Full Moon falls in your solar 9th and 3rd houses, affecting travel and communications. Cancer individuals may feel drawn to exploring new horizons, both mentally and physically. This could be a time for higher learning, travel, or delving into philosophical and spiritual matters. You are widening your horizons on life and some of you will be venturing and reaching out to a wider audience through publishing and promotion. Decision making will prove to be a bit of a bind because of your wavering mind.


July 23 - August 23

The full moon in Pisces could bring attention to matters of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation for Leos. It's a period to delve into deeper emotional connections and to reassess joint financial arrangements. You need to reassess your future with this in mind. Do not get over-anxious if everything seems to be in slow motion - it is time to pull a few strings and wait until you've gained some perspective before jumping to conclusions.


August 24 - September 23

Around the Full Moon, Virgos might focus on their one-on-one relationships during this time. The emphasis could be on partnerships, both personal and professional, and finding harmony and balance within them. It reminds you to honour a significant relationship or to work on your relationship goals. There can be frustrations or heightened awareness about your relationship needs that require changes. Your true feelings emerge now, and they’re a little raw.


September 24 - October 23

The Full Moon falls in your solar 6th and 12th houses highlighting health matters, behind-the-scenes activities and losses. It's a time to pay attention to self-care and overall well-being. This is a favourable time for getting away from usual routines and seeking a retreat for a few days. All the better if you are interested in alternative therapies as this lunation brings work and physical health to your attention, demanding some balance.


October 24 - November 22

The Full Moon falls in the axis of solar 5th and 11th houses. Scorpios could find themselves drawn to creative expression, romance, children and hobbies during this period. It's a time to embrace their passions and enjoy playful experiences. Friendships need to be scrutinised carefully - get a more objective view of the pattern of your life. Your friendships or associations with groups may be a little strained during this period. Emotions can be overflowing as you explore your feelings.


November 23 - December 21

The full moon in Pisces could bring focus to family matters and the home environment for Sagittarians. It's a time to create emotional security and connect with loved ones. The need to settle things in your personal life becomes apparent. Besides spending more time tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing your inner foundations, so to speak. It signals a time of mixed emotions. Time to create a better work-life balance.


December 22 - January 20

The Full Moon occurs in your solar 3rd and 9th houses of communication, travel and spiritual knowledge. It could be a period of increased intellectual curiosity, short trips, and interactions with neighbours and siblings. It is a sobering influence and you need to be aware that you have to overcome certain hurdles before you achieve your goals. Don't be in any hurry to meet deadlines. It signals a time of mixed emotions.


January 21 - February 19

Be careful with your expenditure as you have a tendency to be extravagant, especially around now, as the Full Moon falls in your financial axis. This lunation also highlights self-worth, wills, legacies, taxes and joint resources. You need to reassess your future with this in mind. This is an excellent time for dealing with long-term money matters.


February 20 - March 20

Full Moon in your sign puts the focus on yourself and your relationships bringing buried feelings to the surface. You will continue to be in a restless mood for some time to come. You are likely to experience some tension in close relationships. Use tact and diplomacy to smooth any ruffled feathers. This could lead to heightened self-awareness and personal growth.

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