How many schools of Astrology are there and what are the Sun Signs?

There are two schools of Astrology in vogue at the moment – one is Western which is based on a moveable zodiac and this is extremely good for character analysis and psychological profiles. The other is Vedic Astrology which is based on a fixed zodiac and is excellent in making accurate predictions.

Western Astrologers started doing sun signs for the public at large some sixty five years ago when an Astrologer first made predictions for King Edward VIII on the occasion of his 21st Birthday. Sun signs soon caught on and became very popular in the western media.

Sun signs however are very generalised and affect about 9% of the population. This however, is a very large number to make accurate predictions for.

That is why when you want to know something particular about yourself, you should always have your own birth chart done which is very personal and will prove to be far more accurate.

Vedic Astrology is based on very ancient Indian scriptures called the Vedas, which were written in Sanskrit some 5000 years ago. In Vedic Astrology the Moon occupies the centre stage as the main planet.

Compared to the Sun Signs, the Vedic Astrologers do Moon Signs for the public at large – the Moon being the fastest planet these Moon Signs are far more accurate because they make predictions for a smaller number of people.

Here again, if one is faced with a problem, one should have one’s personal chart done for accurate predictions.


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