How do you find a genuine and astute Astrologer?
One should be warned against people who pose as genuine astrologers. They prey on the weaknesses of persons who desperately seek guidance.
  • Firstly, you must find out the type of divination the person is using.

  • Choose a person who has been recommended by someone you know.

  • Always go to someone who charges for their services and does not say that their services are free – otherwise you will end up paying far more for their so called remedies. These people usually scare you by saying you have been possessed by a spirit – do not fall for this silly line as they are not genuine Astrologers.

  • In all the charts that I have done for people who had been told previously that they were possessed, I found that there were Astrological reasons for their problems – you just cannot lump everything under the fact that you are cursed or possessed.

  • The moment any person says that an evil spirit has possessed you just walk out because this person is not an Astrologer.

  • An Astrologer must put up charts before he or she can pass judgement. You must supply them with your birth date, place of birth and time of birth. In case you do not have your exact time of birth, the Astrologer should be astute enough to work out your time of birth by going into your past. If they do not give enough importance to your time of birth, you know that you are not going to get accurate results.

In any case, the correct remedial measures can only be derived by accurately putting up the person’s natal chart and assessing the weaknesses therein. If incorrect remedies are prescribed, it can harm the person even further.


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