Astrological Remedies (Upayes) and Gem Therapy

As Vedic Astrology is so predictive, it would be absurd for the system not to have definitive methods to alleviate Karmic difficulties that appear in one’s birth chart. Vedic astrology is well known for its upayes or antidotes to planetary afflictions and how to neutralise them with gems, as outlined by the ancient and enlightened sages.


The rationale behind the use of gemstones is that everything in the universe is sensitive to and influenced by the planets and the colours they represent. The various planets have their own colours and the influence they exert on man depends on the rays emanated and absorbed. The gem absorbs the rays and vibrations of the planet and directs it into the body. It acts as a filter and produces good or bad effects depending on the need of the body - that is why one should be careful not to strengthen the wrong planets or one can suffer adverse effects.

The afflictions in a chart should first be assessed correctly, and depending on the Astrologer’s conclusion, the appropriate gems should be worn in a ring or a pendant during one’s lifetime. The gem should touch the skin and should be worn on the day representing the planet during the bright half (shukla paksha) of the month i.e. when the moon is waxing.

The gemstones should be natural, of a high quality and should not be heated, dyed or chemically altered. Moreover, they should not be scratched or have blemishes like black dots or inclusions in them.

Many jewellers do not pay attention to whether the above criteria is met because they are more interested in selling what they have.

One can also resort to mantras and fasts associated with the afflicted planets – these again have to be performed on the particular day that the planet rules and have to be chanted in accordance with the rules laid down.

Another method to overcome the afflictions is to hold yagyas – a religious or a spiritual ceremony performed by a holy man in order to alleviate the Karmic difficulties.


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Astrological Remedies (Upayes) and Gem Therapy


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